The Courage To Be Vulnerable

Somewhere recently I heard…

“Have the courage to be vulnerable.”


Starting out in this great, big world of photography has definitely made me vulnerable in so many ways. I like to think that I put something of myself in every photo that I take. Photography is the way that I see the world. The beauty, and the ugliness, that I find in it… the humor… the honest truth. I speak through pictures when I just can’t find the words. They can be my escape, my therapy.


I see in babies hope for the future.


I see in children the innocence and faith that everything is just as it should be.


I see excitement and love in couples.


I see people socializing through events that are designed to make this world better.


And then there are those pictures that I take for myself. Old rusted out trucks, falling down barns, beautiful seaside towns, flowers, entertainers… whatever I see in the world around me that has in some way impacted me.


In each picture there is something of myself.  And then, I take those pictures and I brazenly put them out there for everyone to see… and to judge… to love or to hate, or just to feel indifferent… A piece of me to be studied and scrutinized, and possibly, forgotten.


I am vulnerable.

Entertainment Photo

There is also the other part of photography that makes me vulnerable. What if I fail? What if I don’t make another dollar more? What if no one ever visits my blog or buys my photos or schedules a shoot? What if? What if? What if? Photography is an “extra”, it’s a “perk”. People don’t need pictures like they need food or medical care. Photography is a luxury. And it’s also a saturated market. Everybody knows somebody that can take pictures. Why should they choose me? How do I compete? How do I keep my passion for the art in this cutthroat business?


Then, I remind myself that I don’t take pictures for the masses. I take pictures for me. It’s my passion. It’s my art. It is me. And it is you. It is any other person that can glimpse the beauty, the honesty, and the blatant vulnerability in each of my photos.


Photography, among other things, makes me vulnerable but each of us has something in our lives that cuts us open and puts up a display… even if it is only to ourselves. Find the courage to be vulnerable.

 © Photography by KimberlyDawn

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