About KimberlyDawn

“You don’t take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it.”

– Author Unknown

Photography is my art and passion. It is the language I speak when words fail.  I love the simplistic vulnerability that comes in a photograph. I love the people I meet, the moments of their lives they invite me into, and the stories that they share…

“Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.” – Unknown

I love the creative aspect found in landscape and editorial photography. There is so much beauty in the world that is often unseen and it is my personal joy to experience it. However, it is the existence of the human spirit that tells the story, and I find true inspiration through portrait photography.  My photos are warm and creative, but sometimes raw and untamed. You are the most important part of any picture that I take, and I hope that I can use what I know about photography to give you unique and original shots. It is my hope that my style and price will set me apart from other photographers in the San Diego, CA area. I value all things natural. I do not over-edit and I hope my clients will value this natural and true approach to photography.

In each shoot you may find a few posed, traditional photos… but mostly I take many beautiful in-the-moment photographs that will forever tell your story. I strive to catch those candid moments, the moments that show who you really are. I want to sit back and observe in a fleeting but dedicated effort to capture the magic of a single sliver of time when your secrets can be revealed. I want to shoot what you feel and what you can not say with words.

“If my photographs in any way make somebody feel fear or joy or love or vulnerability, I’ve succeeded.” ~Cory Richards

Personally, I am a simple person yet fiercely real. My faith in God and the love of my family are what motivate me to do my best. I am the single mom of a beautiful (but I am biased) one-year old daughter. She is my true inspiration. And, I like to think, my number 1 fan. I believe integrity, humility, and gratitude are important principles to live and work by and essential when working with people.

Thank you for reading my biography. I would love to meet you, listen to your story, and take your portrait. Email or call me today!

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Photo by Robert Chandler

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